Our GROWTH Goals

HEC has created a skill development model called GROWTH where students work on developing individual skills in four areas: Personal Awareness, Social Awareness, Tenacity, and Problem Solving. The student’s core team (teacher, therapist, aides) meet bi-monthly to discuss and review student progress, adjusting plans and instructional approaches to meet the varying demands of each student.  Our goal is to create students who are Generous, Respectful, and Optimistic. HEC wants students who are Willing to try, Tenacious, and who are Honest with themselves and others.


HEC will:

  • Lead each student toward positive mental and emotional health and image by improving his or her self awareness and reactions to others.
  • Create successful transitions to public high school or adulthood.  

HEC students will demonstrate:

  • Grade level academic improvement annually, demonstrated by use of pre- and post- assessment data, and IEP assessment data.
  • Growth and improvement on IEP goals.
  • Growth in individual social-emotional skill areas (social awareness, tenacity, personal awareness, and problem solving) demonstrated by achievement of steps within the GROWTH system

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