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Student Events

Story Tribe

Story Tribe is a journey through self-reflection and expression that our senior class participates.  The goal is to teach healthy expression skills through writing and poetry.  Students work on individual journeys and pieces, that eventually come together as a group project.  This group poetry piece is performed live.  The program teaches students writing skills, guides individuals through self-reflective practices, enables and empowers students to express their feelings in positive and safe environments, and creates self-esteem through a shared community coming together to present powerful materials in front of an audience.  This is an amazing program that integrates with our senior class.

Young Story Tellers

The Young Story Tellers is something HEC gets the opportunity to participate in from time to time.  It involves professional screen writers coming and mentoring students, helping them write their own plays.  These plays are developed over a school quarter and performed live at the "Big Show" by professional actors.  It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop writing skills, to receive mentoring, and to see their ideas come to life on stage.  The Big Show is a great event enjoyed by our entire school and community.

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